December 22, 2008

Iona of Solace

On Good Friday, a paladin of the people was seeking a moment of peace. I would find it at Iona Beach Regional Park in Richmond. It features a massive sewage pipe stretching into the ocean. There was no stench emanating from the sewer, so my nostrils enjoyed the natural scent of the sea as I walked on top of it. Around 4 km in length, I completed the round trip in two grueling hours.

It was quite chilly, so I did not break a sweat during the strenuous walk. The breeze wafted through my hair, as the wind flowed languidly around my aerodynamic form and into the Straight of Georgia. I was one of the few people on the jetty apart from a handful of birdwatchers, joggers, dog walkers, and cyclists. 300 species of birds reside in the area.

The North Shore can be seen in the distant and Vancouver Island on the horizon. Fantastic views of the Vancouver International Airport were afforded from the jetty. Planes flew overhead as I strolled along the pebbled surface. There were a few Plexiglas shelters along the way where I rested. A sewage treatment facility and an outhouse lie at the end. Upon arrival I made a significant contribution to the complex ecosystem, gazed at the open skies, and then headed back.