June 27, 2006

The Lay of the Land

I have landed a job in the city of Bangalore with Satyam's Consulting and Enterprise Solutions (CES) division. I have no definite start date but will be heading over there soon.

Before I leave Hyderabad, I have to see some of its finest attractions. Unfortunately, the majority of the populace has limited aesthetic appeal. However, its historical monuments are worthy of further description. I went on a bus tour with my fellow interns. The first stop was the Salarjung Museum, which is a museum in the truest sense of the word with treasures and artifacts from across the globe. The highlights were the collection of ivory carvings and the armory. The next stop was at the aptly named Charminar, a 400 year old structure supported by four minarets. I also visited the nearby Mecca Masjid. The final stop was the magnificent Golconda Fort, where I witnessed the sound and light show that explained its history in a creative manner.

I went to the local movie theatre to see Krrish, an Indian superhero movie. It was quite entertaining, although there were no English subtitles. The theatre is a high security facility, complete with a metal detector and body search.

It now takes me on average less than 2 minutes to cross the street. It is much easier if you attach yourself to a horde of locals also intent on crossing at the same time.

Status of Search for Mrs. Arnab: Still Cold

I was unsuccessful in my attempts to convince the female interns who have yet to find positions at Satyam to accompany me to Bangalore to be my live-in maid.

June 21, 2006

Satyam: Induction

On Saturday, monsoon season began. Thunder. Lightning. Rain. Power went out for the night. Couldn't sleep since it was so hot. Went outside to relax and was swarmed by beautiful women bats. Went back inside and was bitten by beautiful women mosquitoes.

On Sunday, I went to a party held on the rooftop of a Hyderabadi flat (apartment). The day was cool after the rainfall the previous night, as the sun set behind the Birla Temple.

Monday I went to the Satyam Induction Program - a daylong event where all new trainees are introduced to the company. The event took place at Satyam Technology Centre, which resembles a resort with manicured gardens, a golf course, tennis and basketball courts, gym, swimming pool, spa, and stables. However, new trainees are not allowed to use any of these facilities. Lunch and snacks were provided. There were 12 international trainees (including myself). The remaining ~150 were real Indians. We were given speeches by department heads and shown inspiring videos depicting Satyam's history, leadership, and bright future.

Status of Search for Mrs. Arnab: Cold

June 19, 2006

72 Hours at Satyam

My first day at Satyam I was supposed to get my ID card and bank account. After 9 hours of sitting around waiting and filling out forms I was able to open my bank account. One guy made sure each of my signatures matched the one in my passport precisely. I had to redo some. The ID card I have yet to receive.

Second day I had a meeting with a project manager of one of Satyam's departments. He liked my resume/profile and wanted to know if I was interested in a position with his team. I said I will think about it and he said he will let me know on Monday whether he wants me or not.

On Day 3 I was given an overview of Satyam's organizational structure and notified the HR department of my skills, interests, and job preferences. I had lunch at the Satyam office for 30 rupees. I ordered chicken fried rice but the guy behind me in line (the line starts from both directions) swiped it, so I had something else instead.

June 17, 2006

Arrival in India

I am in Hyderabad now (at an Internet cafe)! I am living in an apartment in the Banjara Hills district with 4 Koreans, a Brazilian, and a guy from UAE. I travel around to get food and supplies via auto rickshaw. My first day at Satyam will be tomorrow.

June 07, 2006


I graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science in Computing Science and Business Administration. Let the adventures begin!


"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Mahatma Gandhi