April 24, 2009

A Touch of Green

As St Patrick's Day approached, three friends and I attended the annual Irish Ball that takes place in Beijing. The upscale gala held at the Kerry Center is one of the highlights of the city's social calendar, with the dual purpose of celebrating Irish culture and raising funds for charity. Most of the socialites in attendance were pushing retirement age, with the youth contingent consisting primarily of us, several authentic Irish dancers and musicians flown in for the event, and a smattering of English teachers.

After cavorting with the ARNABabes for the better part of the night, I was left holding a wig of unknown origins as the party wound down. In the meantime, a rumour had spread like wildfire amongst the ranks of the young ladies at the ball. Apparently the dashing son of the Indian ambassador had made an appearance, stealing the hearts of several debutantes. I do not recollect seeing him face to face, except perhaps for a moment or two in the gentlemen's washroom.