June 21, 2006

Satyam: Induction

On Saturday, monsoon season began. Thunder. Lightning. Rain. Power went out for the night. Couldn't sleep since it was so hot. Went outside to relax and was swarmed by beautiful women bats. Went back inside and was bitten by beautiful women mosquitoes.

On Sunday, I went to a party held on the rooftop of a Hyderabadi flat (apartment). The day was cool after the rainfall the previous night, as the sun set behind the Birla Temple.

Monday I went to the Satyam Induction Program - a daylong event where all new trainees are introduced to the company. The event took place at Satyam Technology Centre, which resembles a resort with manicured gardens, a golf course, tennis and basketball courts, gym, swimming pool, spa, and stables. However, new trainees are not allowed to use any of these facilities. Lunch and snacks were provided. There were 12 international trainees (including myself). The remaining ~150 were real Indians. We were given speeches by department heads and shown inspiring videos depicting Satyam's history, leadership, and bright future.

Status of Search for Mrs. Arnab: Cold