June 19, 2006

72 Hours at Satyam

My first day at Satyam I was supposed to get my ID card and bank account. After 9 hours of sitting around waiting and filling out forms I was able to open my bank account. One guy made sure each of my signatures matched the one in my passport precisely. I had to redo some. The ID card I have yet to receive.

Second day I had a meeting with a project manager of one of Satyam's departments. He liked my resume/profile and wanted to know if I was interested in a position with his team. I said I will think about it and he said he will let me know on Monday whether he wants me or not.

On Day 3 I was given an overview of Satyam's organizational structure and notified the HR department of my skills, interests, and job preferences. I had lunch at the Satyam office for 30 rupees. I ordered chicken fried rice but the guy behind me in line (the line starts from both directions) swiped it, so I had something else instead.